Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Herbert's Night Out

That's right! I was bored, so I clicked over to Herbert's house and sent him out to have a night on the town.


Oh, come on, Sim-Me. Don't give me that look. What could possibly go wrong?


Err, well, aside from the inevitable presence of young children.


It's okay though! All he wanted to do was beg money off of random townies. You can't eat on a school janitor's salary, you know?


"Pleeeaaase may I take your hard-earned money?"


Having successfully mooched one whole dollar from his neighbor, Herbert turned his attention to another hobby: creeping.


"Hi there, little boy. Do you like popsicles?"


"I can help you with your homework!"

Gee, thanks, mister! This isn't weird at all.


The kid left after his homework was done, ostensibly due to the curfew enforced by a squadron of all-seeing, magically teleporting cops, but we all know the real reason: He just wanted to get away from Herbert. Left to his own devices, Herbert tried instead to chat with the boy's mother about kids.


"I thought about getting an ice cream truck, but I suppose I could just give candy away from a van."


Yeah, that didn't go over too well.


"Nobody ever likes my candy van idea."

He went home alone and despised and without his ice cream truck or his candy van. Cry moar, pervert.


Also, because I'm generous, a panel from the largely finished and still unnamed comic. Yes, one lousy panel out of 115ish.

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