Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sim Survivor - Days 1 to 7, Week 2


I needed to give Sim-Me a lot to stay on so that she can pop over and do executions as needed. From it, she enjoys fabulous vistas and the constant thunder of waves on the shore.


She enjoys them from her sofa.

I had to.


Anyway, I got a lighting mod! Now my nights are darker and not purple.


They are now so dark, in fact, that they actually make torches seem like a worthy investment.


Let's pick up where we left off, only with much better lighting. Not long after Clinton was killed, I spotted Darren walking around with a thought of Clinton over his head and a smile on his face. I suppose he is not going to be missed.


Lonnie did appear stressed, and he did appear to be thinking about Clinton a lot, but he acted furious instead of sad. For all I know he's just recalling every time that Clinton was a douchebag to him and not actually mourning the death of his fellow contestant.


Nelson appeared tense as well.


Meece sobbed over Clinton's grave for a while. Aw, Meece, it's all right. You don't have to pretend that you're sorry he's dead. We know nobody is!


Those ashes by Meece's feet are all that remains of Clinton. (Don't ask me how getting beaten to death with a hammer produces a mound of ash; it just does.) Kelly decided that she wanted to get rid of them...


So she scooped them up and put them into a big plastic bag...


And then, realizing that she had nowhere to dispose of them, she dumped them back out onto the ground. Upon being released from the garbage bag they magically changed into a pile of leaves and a chunk of weird-looking meat. How mysterious!


The next morning, everyone was angry--especially Lonnie. He spent a good ten minutes just screaming wordlessly at everyone in a rage. Although he was the most angry, though, he wasn't the only one; Darren got upset because Esmeralda said something he didn't like, Meece hated the dirty dishes that were sitting everywhere, and Kelly threw a fit because she couldn't route to Darren in order to scare him.


She cried because she couldn't get over to him and scare him. And, no, she did not cry at any point during Clinton's execution. It's nice to see that her priorities are in order.


Later on she had an accident right next to the bed. Ew. I pity anyone who ends up using it.


Lonnie yelled at her for her poor bladder control, as usual, so she decided to get revenge.


This isn't funny anymore, Kelly. Every time you scare Lonnie, he bellows in rage. And he has been bellowing in rage quite often enough on his own, so I am starting to get sick of it. Please stop.


Dona looked annoyed by all the yelling, but resigned to it.


Afterward Kelly had YET ANOTHER accident. Somehow she has un-toilet-trained herself and I have no idea why.


Dona, you are being creepy. Quit it.


Lonnie ripped into Meece about...something.


Almost immediately, Dona rushed over to comfort her. Aw, besties. Too bad they'll have to sell each other out just to survive!


Kelly...? What are you doing back here?




And now you're starving. Fantastic.

I finally had to unstick her with moveobjects so that she wouldn't starve to death. Maybe I should have allowed her to, but nobody gets off the island so easily!


Everyone was stir-crazy and brimming with negative moodlets from witnessing Clinton's death, so I dragged them out to the beach for some R&R.


When will I learn that none of these people actually want to go out and have a good time?


Meece was unhappy and sad, so she cried on Esmeralda's shoulder.


Esmeralda attempted to offer her a friendly hug to cheer her up, but Meece didn't want it.


Lonnie verbally attacked Nelson. Also, Esmeralda once more attempted to give Meece a friendly hug and Meece once more told her to sod off.


Then Nelson's cell phone rang. Wtf?


He answered it, and it was an opportunity to grow some produce for Sim-Me, as she is apparently inept at gardening, and get paid for it. Um, how about no.


Darren carries around bowls of soup just in case Dona wants food from him, I guess. Huh.


Kelly, wait a m--


Damn it, Kelly, I am sick of hearing him yell!


Go away! Get a hobby or something!


Yeah, that'll do.


It wasn't long before the inevitable bladder accidents started, and therefore not long before Lonnie had ANOTHER excuse to yell at things.


Why don't any of you just walk home to use the toilet?


And why do YOU keep peeing by this bed? Are you marking it as your territory or something?


Darren's phone rang. The game had decided that Sim-Me had a television in need of fixing. Sigh.


On his way back to camp, Lonnie had an invisible accident. And then yelled to himself about it. Seriously, man, shut up.


This should be surprising to no one, aside, perhaps, from the fact that the "stay out until you pee yourself and collapse" brigade has acquired a new member.


I can't help but think that this wouldn't be an ongoing problem if you knew how to manage your time better. Or if you weren't sims.


After she came to, Esmeralda almost made it home before she peed herself. So close and yet so far! Points for effort, though.


I don't even know what to say at this point, but I am tempted to start the Sim Survivor drinking game. Every time Kelly Afanador pees herself, take one shot. You'll be wasted in no time.


What do you think you're doing, fireman? I don't want you serving the public here. There is no public here. If any of the contestants set themselves on fire, they can put it out on their own or die horribly. Your heroics are not needed!


Is that your car parked on the beach? Take it and leave. I don't want to see it around again.


...No, it's not your car, it's Greta Knight's. Fantastic.


She ran around the pond and then vanished. Her car stuck around, but I think Awesomemod will nuke it eventually. I wish I could nuke her!


It took my directing Kelly to light the portable fire for any of the contestants to notice it was there, but once they did Dona and Meece had a great time with it.


Dona was particularly enamored by it.


In fact, she was downright possessive of it.

"Hey, roasting marshmallows is fun!"

"But this fire is mine! Why are you taking it away from me?!"


As you can imagine, she was even less thrilled when Lonnie woke up and decided he wanted in on the marshmallow-roasting action.




Yeah, yeah, you'd better hide in Lonnie. Maybe I'll use the power of my supreme executive authority to vote both of you off on Saturday, since you're both so good at annoying me.


WHY?! The toilet was ten feet away!


On Friday evening, I decided to allow the Darren/Esmeralda subplot to bloom just for kicks. Hm. A young, sweet-tempered, family-oriented woman and a sleazy wannabe-president who is practically old enough to be her father...yeah, Darren will make a great politician someday if he manages to win and leave the island.


I don't know if this interaction was added by a patch or if it's exclusive to sims with the Hopeless Romantic trait, but Esmeralda had an option called "gaze into eyes" that did exactly what it says on the tin. Cute!


Because, you know, who wouldn't want to gaze into these eyes?

Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Why are you getting up, Kelly? Your energy bar is only half full.


I should have known.

I was ready to strangle her. Before I could wake up Sim-Me to cast an executive vote and kill her a day early, however, something else happened.


Clinton's ghost showed up!


The first thing that he did was point and laugh at Kelly. I don't know why. She probably peed herself again.


The second thing that he did was hop in the shower. Why does a ghost need to shower? Does he want to stand under the water and pretend that he can feel it or something? Clinton, you are as dumb in the afterlife as you were in life!


To be honest, I don't see the point of this either. But, hey, what do I know? I'm just god.


After he woke up, he found Darren and began to rage at him about Dona. Darren was unimpressed--an impressive feat, considering that the ghost of someone he'd hated so much had just begun screaming in his face.


"Um, would you stop clipping through me? Your incorporeal essence is freezing and it's kind of awkward to have your face inside my arm."


Dona noticed Clinton's ghost and was not happy to see it.


"Agh, a ghost!"


She was downright terrified, in fact, and fainted.


Neither Clinton nor Darren noticed. Clinton was too busy antagonizing Darren and Darren was too busy being angry with him. In other words, it was just like old times!

Clinton stuck around a bit longer to yell at Lonnie, which I didn't get screenshots of, and then vanished into the ether. The rest of the day was uneventful until the sun started to go down.


It was a gorgeous sunset.


But it was also a Saturday sunset. You know what that means.

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