Monday, October 10, 2011

Sim Survivor - Days 1 to 7, Week 3


The contestants are never in good spirits anymore. I suppose they've figured out that, now Clinton and Kelly are gone, the less obnoxious of them are next on the chopping block.


All of them are constantly in the red and so the garden has fallen into a state of permanent neglect. Even Nelson refuses to tend to it, despite constantly rolling wants to raise his gardening skill or acquire more crops.


More and more NPCs are starting to appear. I peeked at this one in CAS and he is a Brave, Flirty, Friendly, Neat Kleptomaniac maid whose lifetime ambition is to become a master thief. His name? Stanley Priest. Also, his swimwear is a pair of jeans.

I don't know either.


To try and make the week even slightly more interesting to play and document, I decided to create an immunity challenge. I took away the fridge and the sink and left my unsuspecting contestants with two platters full of rotten salad. Whoever autonomously eats some first will be guaranteed to live through the next elimination round!


Clinton visited again and made it painfully clear that he still hates Nelson.


He then hopped into the nasty salad and possessed it. He is the most idiotic poltergeist ever.


Are you going to, Dona?


Of course you are. I don't know why I thought that anyone else would even have a chance at winning this.

Dona will not be eliminated this week even if everyone votes for her.


Lonnie seemed distressed by the toilet, which is clogged again. If you want it fixed, you moron, do it yourself!


Their plumbing situation went from bad to worse the next morning as the shower decided it, too, would break. Everyone was upset, but since they were all still in the red--and will probably never not be red again--nobody would have fixed it even if I'd told them to.


But who cares? Just look at that gorgeous sky!


By Saturday almost everyone smelled foul.


Rather than making any effort to repair the shower, they opted to just mop up its endless supply of puddles instead. Nelson had been on his way to the same puddle that Lonnie is occupying here, but, thwarted, wandered off again and chose to make himself useful by cleaning up the dirty dishes.


Dona beat him to it, and since her idea of "washing the dishes" is "licking the food off of them" and his is not, she didn't do nearly as good a job as he would have.


Lonnie continued to gripe about the toilet to whoever would listen, and even some who wouldn't.


Gripe about this instead, Lonnie.

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