Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breakfast at Stonebrook


There's a cauldron thing at one of the beaches in this neighborhood. You can light a fire in it and do things with the fire, such as poking the fire, warming yourself by the fire, or roasting food in the fire. Best of all, it's free! Unlike the public barbecues where you must shell out twelve bucks for a pack of automagically appearing hot dogs, you can just bring your own meat or produce to the cauldron and char it until it is edible. (Especially helpful for fish, which sims cannot eat raw.) It even provides its own chairs.


He clearly does not recognize the awesomeness of the cauldron thing. Instead he's just going to stand there and cry because he doesn't have a house to eat in.


"I want one with walls and a roof and a stove and a refrigerator, and I want it on a rainbow!"

So unreasonable, jeez.


"I'm sick of looking at this beautiful view every morning! It terrifies me and makes me want to throw up!"


"And I'm sick of walking everywhere, so a car would be nice!"


Apparently she'd had enough, because she got up out of her teleporting chair to yell at him. The conversation appeared to go something like this:


"Look, I want steak too, but instead we have weirdly oversized minnow filets and a cauldron. So shut up."


"No! I know exactly who to blame for this!"


"It's HIS fault! If he'd started butchering cows instead of learning to fish, we WOULD have steak!"


She did not seem impressed.


"What, and now you're just going to sit down and roast a fish that I gave you because you fail at catching your own?"
"Bite me."


"Right, I'm out of here and I'm not sharing any more of my fish with you. Have fun with the creepy old man who just showed up."
"...The creepy old man?"


That's right! A wild Herbert had appeared!


Herbert used Creeper Stare!


It's super effective!


The others tried to ignore him, but he wasn't interested in them anyway.


Herbert used Inappropriate Thoughts! Please go away, Herbert. Nobody likes you.


Minnow Filet used Catch Fire! Its flavor is ruined!

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