Monday, July 25, 2011

(Mis)adventures in Self-Sufficiency, Part 2


"This is a good-sized fish. It was obviously here in the pond all along, so why did I have to catch a thousand tiny minnows before I could get it?!"


"'Sup? I guess I'll try my hand at this fishing thing."


"Me too. How hard can it be?"


"So you're not really getting married next week, are you? Because he keeps telling me that you are."


"And it's pretty creepy."


"Yeah, it is. I think his brain is about the size of this minnow, he'd have given up already if it wasn't."


"Hey! What was that about my brain? What are you saying over there?"


"Oh, we were just lamenting the fact that you're a genius who totally does not sabotage himself in any way ever and is a victim of circumstance, not his own stupidity. The problem isn't you, it's the rest of the world."


"Yeah, and?"


"Heh. What an idiot."
"Does he not understand sarcasm?"
"Apparently not."


As they worked industriously to catch the day's supply of food, a stranger ran by. At last, a sign of life in the neighborhood other than themselves and the creepy German surgeon! Have the residents been here all along, hiding from the weirdos who've taken over, or have I just finally run the SpawnMoreOverlords command?

Either way, Meadow Glen is no longer a ghost town.

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